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$10,000 Bonus

Join AvaTrade and claim your first time deposit BONUS. Check out the chart below to find out how much you could get.

Deposit Bonus
$200 $40
$500 $100
$1,000 $200
$2,500 $500
$5,000 $1,000
$7,500 $1,500
$10,000 $2,000
$50,000 $10,000
  1. Bonuses are applied to your first deposit as a new AvaTrade Customer during the promotion period.
  2. Bonuses will not apply for auto trading or floating spread accounts.
  3. Bonuses are not valid in conjunction with any other promotional AvaTrade offer.
  4. Bonus will be credited to your account after all identification documents are verified.
  5. In order to withdraw your bonus, you will be required to execute a minimum trading volume of 10,000 base instruments for every $1 bonus within 12 months. If you fail to trade the required amounts within the given time period - your bonus will be cancelled and removed from your account.