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Trading Info

Range of Markets
AvaTrade offers an unparalleled range of financial instruments across a range of markets. Learn more about Forex pairs, Commodities, Indices, Equities and more - and start trading today.
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Trading Conditions
On our Trading Conditions page you’ll find all the key information you need on spreads, premiums, lot sizes and trading hours for every financial instrument offered by AvaTrade.
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CFD Rollover
Keep an eye on all of the upcoming CFD Rollover dates and discover exactly how AvaTrade facilitates the move from a matured futures contract to a new one on your open positions.
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Order Types
AvaTrade offers you the flexibility of a wide variety of order types when you trade. Learn more about setting up conditional entry orders and advance orders such as take-profits and stop-losses.
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Order Execution Policy
AvaTrade is committed to always acting in the best interests of its clients in the execution of trading orders. Find out more about how we handle orders in the fast-moving money markets.
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