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Automated Forex Trading for serious investors

Open an AvaTrade Currensee account and get your Forex trades made by talented foreign exchange traders with profitable track records.

Currensee’s Trade Leaders Program is a sophisticated auto trading system that allows you to allocate your funds to copy the FX trades of a handpicked selection of proven traders.

At a glance you can see a detailed breakdown of the performance of every Trade Leader and then it’s simply a case of selecting the ones whose trades you wish to mirror in real time.

Join Currensee today and enjoy the ease and convenience of Forex auto trading.

Meet The Trade Leaders

The Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program is different from many of the other auto trading services out there and here’s why.

Currensee Trade Leaders Program

One of the first things you’ll notice when you sign up for a Currensee account is the relatively small number of Trade Leaders there are available in comparison to other automated trading systems. This is because Currensee does things differently.

Each Trade Leader is handpicked by Currensee based on impressive past performance trading real money accounts. Even then, each candidate is put through a demanding due diligence process before they are selected, and once selected their performance is closely monitored every day.

It’s easy to select the Trade Leaders that are right for you. The Performance Table lets you see at a glance how each trader has been performing in various categories:

  • How many investors mirror their trades
  • The minimum amount of capital needed to follow them
  • The volatility of their trading style
  • Their annualized return

How Currensee auto trading works

Setting up your own Currensee account is a simple three-step process:

  1. Enroll for a Currensee account – During the process you will be required to link to a new AvaTrade account. You cannot link your Currensee account to an existing AvaTrade account as it needs to be specifically configured to operate in conjunction with the Currensee Trade Leaders program.
  2. Select Trade Leaders for your portfolio – You can choose as many or as few Trade Leaders to follow as you wish. Check out the Leaderboard for all the information you need to decide which ones will work for you, based on annual return, volatility and required capital.
  3. Monitor performance and manage your account – Once you’ve selected the trade leaders that suit your requirements there’s little else to do – every trade they make will be mirrored in your account. However, you can add and remove traders from your portfolio whenever you wish, set various limits to ensure that your investment is protected and close trades manually.
Every trade made by your portfolio of Trade Leaders is copied in your account with your money. However, despite the speed at which trades are mirrored (typically within one second) sometimes it is impossible to get exactly the same rates. If Currensee judges that the price has changed too much to make the trade profitable, it will not mirror that particular trade.

Currensee Automatic Trading Requirements

To open a Currensee automated Forex account you must have at least $1000 in capital. Additionally, each Trade Leader will have a minimum capitalization requirement (which may exceed $1000) based on their trade volume and volatility.

Currensee charges a 2% annual fee for managing your account. You also pay a 20% success fee on your net profits to the Trade Leaders that you follow.

Sign up for the Currensee Trade Leaders Program with AvaTrade and get a bonus of up to $5000.


Please note that over the counter retail foreign currency (Forex) trading may involve significant risk of loss. It is not suitable for all investors and you should make sure you understand the risks involved before trading, and seek independent advice if necessary. Any opinions, news, research, analyses, performance strategies, prices, charts or other information are not necessarily predictive of any particular result and do not constitute advice. Past performance is no indication of future results. Trade Leader past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Investor returns may vary materially from Trade Leader returns based on slippage, fees, broker spreads, volatility or other market conditions. If you place additional trades in your account or you modify or cancel an order generated by your program you may achieve a materially different result than the Trade Leader(s) that you follow. Your trading program will follow the same leverage of each Trade Leader whose signals you have incorporated into your program; and that leverage can vary by Trade Leader and by trade. By increasing or decreasing the amount of capital you allocate to follow the signals of a particular Trade Leader, you may achieve materially different profits or losses than the Trade Leader and you may be increasing or decreasing the risk of your program.