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Easy Forex Auto Trading with ZuluTrade

ZuluTrade makes currency trading simpler and less stressful by giving you the tools to automatically copy the trades of experienced traders.

There’s no need to spend hours poring over financial news and live charts, or worrying about when to close an open position. You just select a profitable trader from ZuluTrade’s live performance chart and the automated system then executes every trade they make in your account.

  • Choose from more than 50 FX pairs to trade
  • Live performance tables – copy profitable signal providers
  • No subscription or commitment
  • Easy sign-up
  • Open an account for as little as $100

AvaTrade makes it easy to get started with ZuluTrade. You can set up your ZuluTrade account with AvaTrade using our four-step process. If you haven’t already set up an AvaTrade account, the process will cover that too.

Sign up for a ZuluTrade account - New and existing users can set up their real money ZuluTrade account here.

Sign up for a Zulu Trade demo account – Get your risk-free demo Zulu Trade account here.

Using ZuluTrade with Ava

ZuluTrade allows you to select from hundreds of third party signal providers and its patented computer system then executes their trade advice in your AvaTrade account.

The live performance tables make it easy to decide which signal providers to follow. You can quickly view which have been most profitable, view their recent trades and read a summary of their trading system.

The set-up wizard makes it even easier to select signal providers – automatically suggesting the most suitable for you based on your funding and preferred risk levels.

ZuluTrade is compatible with USD, GBP, EUR and AUD accounts using AvaTrader.

Managing your ZuluTrade account

Once you’ve selected your signal providers, ZuluTrade allows you to tailor settings to manage the risk level you want to take on by placing limits and controls on trades and positions with user-friendly drop-down menus.

Every trade signal is processed in the ZuluTrade servers automatically – the system then executes the trade in your account based on your funds and the settings you have selected. There is no human intervention and no direct link between your account and the traders, so the security and privacy of your trading account is preserved.

Even when you have your computer switched off you can still be making trades!

ZuluTrade makes trading easier so you suffer less stress and make fewer decisions. That’s why its servers have processed more than $400 billion in trades since 2006, with more than 30,000 accounts currently in operation. Click here to set up your ZuluTrade account today.


Please note that over the counter retail foreign currency (Forex) trading may involve significant risk of loss. It is not suitable for all investors and you should make sure you understand the risks involved before trading, and seek independent advice if necessary. Any opinions, news, research, analyses, performance strategies, prices, charts or other information are not necessarily predictive of any particular result and do not constitute advice. Past performance is no indication of future results. Trade Leader past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Investor returns may vary materially from Trade Leader returns based on slippage, fees, broker spreads, volatility or other market conditions. If you place additional trades in your account or you modify or cancel an order generated by your program you may achieve a materially different result than the Trade Leader(s) that you follow. Your trading program will follow the same leverage of each Trade Leader whose signals you have incorporated into your program; and that leverage can vary by Trade Leader and by trade. By increasing or decreasing the amount of capital you allocate to follow the signals of a particular Trade Leader, you may achieve materially different profits or losses than the Trade Leader and you may be increasing or decreasing the risk of your program.