Gold, Was it a Golden opportunity in itself?

Gold, Was it a Golden opportunity in itself?

Volatility continued within the markets last week, churning out opportunity upon opportunity for traders.

Our Chief Market Analyst syphoned off the lucrative from the insignificant and delivered his findings to our trading community via our YouTube channel.

Was Gold set to be lucrative? Naeem unleashed his Technical Analysis skills to explain:

The VIX Index. Was it in fact game over? Naeem told us more:

The S&P500 was near its 200 day SMA on a weekly chart. Naeem explained what it meant:

US Futures. What was in store? Naeem gave his expert opinion:

Lockdown in Wuhan; unlocked:

A Stimulus Aid Package helped the Crude Price. But was it set to last?

And, was it possible the Market was actually out of whack?

The bottom was potentially looking like it was in place. But was it really? Naeem looked at major fundamentals to form an expert opinion.

The European Markets were trading lower, and Naeem looked at why:

A week would not be complete without at least one Master Class. Here outlined how to trade the BOE meeting.

Our trading community had many burning questions for Naeem, and thus it was time for a Live Q&A Session. This was the very first of many more to come:

The Coronavirus remained prevalent, and very much the key player in trading analysis.

The Coronavirus Aid Package. This is what Naeem made of it:

And what exactly was moving the markets during Coronavirus?

The massive surge. Discussed.

The bottom of the Equity Markets. Was it in place?

And finally, a Fiscal Package passed by Congress. What did it mean for Oil?

Webinar Master Troy delivered yet more vital knowledge.

How do you actually do Technical Analysis? A big question. Troy covers manual Technical Analysis and outlines how to use indicators properly.

And, in true Troy fashion, for thoroughness, another dose of Technical Analysis.

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