Oil played Piggy while Bitcoin jumps

Oil played Piggy while Bitcoin jumps

A state of anxiety echoed around the world as it was reminded it is not immortal. A warning shot across the bows for mankind, demonstrating life can change in a moment, and in turn, markets quivered with volatility. And from volatility, opportunity is born.

Opportunity is not be missed, and thus Naeem Aslam, AvaTrade’s Chief Market Analyst, unleashed his mathematical and statistical arsenal to expose those potential trading opportunities.

Gold shone brightly and increased in value. Surely there was an opportunity?

Staying with Gold, the key question was this; what should we do with Gold? Naeem answered:

Tesla. A key name in today’s world jumped over 18% in one day. Naeem probed the increase:

As Gold played its solo game, Oil was the passive player in Price War. Aljazeera wanted to know what Naeem thought of Saudi Arabia’s Oil price battle with Russia:

Naeem went into further details about Oil; something that we use in our daily life and a firm favourite for traders:

Analysing trends is a must-have skill in trading. Naeem used Bitcoin to show our trading community exactly how to do so:

The Fed failed to calm markets. Naeem outlined why:

And the Dow Jones suffered a 3000 points drop:

France banned short selling. Did it have the potential to stop the Market Sell off?

Countries increased their financial support plans for the economy. What did they propose and what did it all mean? Naeem explains:

The EU’s economic situation was concerning on many levels. Fox Business News requested Naeem’s analytical opinion:

The ECB announced 750 Billion Euros of help. Was it enough?

All this turmoil raised a question. How do you trade the Market Turmoil itself? Naeem gave a Master Class giving you the ins and outs of how to do so:

And Sterling hit an all-time 35 year low. Why was that?

Coronavirus remained the front runner for trading analysis, and thus our stalwart Analyst Naeem gave detailed thoughts on how Bitcoin had been impacted; and provided some need-to-know information for our trading community.

Had Bitcoin caught Coronavirus metaphorically speaking?


A Coronavirus special. This was what Traders needed to know

A Fiscal Package was delivered. Was it strong enough to cushion any damage?

More stimulus had arrived. What did it mean?

Was there a Fear Of Missing Out with markets the way they were? Naeem elaborated.

Red can turn green in the blink of an eye in times of volatility. Troy, our resident Webinar Master, looked at Indices that were indeed in the red during his comprehensive session on Fundamental Analysis; live.

He also revealed how traders would know a drop was coming in the market. He kindly shared some lucrative tips to take full advantage of Fundamental Analysis.

The AvaTrade Team will be keeping their analytical eyes peeled, ears to the ground, and of course, relaying all that we discover to you via our YouTube channel to give you the vital information, quickly and clearly.