When Safety First Becomes Your Best Trading Strategy

When Safety First Becomes Your Best Trading Strategy

Introducing AvaTrade’s 360° Protection Package

Trading with the most regulated broker in the world means knowing you’re covered to the max at all times.

Starting today, AvaTrade is offering its traders a 360°, all-inclusive protection package comprised of loss protection during the protected time period, real-time risk alerts, advanced pattern recognition software and comprehensive trading tutorials, all ranging from zero cost to a moderate fee (AvaProtect).

AvaTrade’s industry-leading protection package was put in place to help traders reduce and even avoid losses altogether, by making better calculated decisions and allowing you to trade with enhanced confidence during these exceptional volatile times.

Trade with AvaProtect™: Get Money Back on Losing Trades

Imagine opening as many trades as you like with no risk of losing your hard-earned cash. Now you can. Offering protection against losses of up to one million dollars, with AvaProtect you’ll never have to worry about losing on a position again, even in the most volatile of times.

AvaProtect is quick and easy to use: each time you open a position, simply define your desired period of coverage and apply your protection. Then, treat your new position just as you would any other trade and let the market do its magic. If your protection ends and you have an open position that’s losing, AvaTrade will reimburse your account. The only cost is the AvaProtect fee, which has proven its worthwhileness a thousand times over, particularly under extreme and unexpected market conditions.

With AvaProtect, reimbursed losses are credited in the form of liquid cash, with no withdrawal restrictions whatsoever.

Trade with (A) Guardian Angel: Stay on Top of Your Risks

Imperative for new and experienced traders alike, AvaTrade’s free Guardian Angel trading support system acts as a risk management tool for MT4 and MT5. This invaluable tool will provide you easy to understand, actionable, bespoke feedback on your actions, allowing you to identify your mistakes, refine your decision-making and sharpen your trading skills as you level up. The powerful Guardian Angel add-on will help you cut through the noise and focus on the information crucial to your trading success.

Trade with Trading Central: Choose Your Assets More Wisely

Trading Central is an award-winning fusion of automated investment analytics and human analyst research to help support your investment decisions across all popular CFD instruments.

From the novice trader to the most experienced, Trading Central’s industry leading pattern recognition software is designed to benefit your risk management by validating new opportunities and optimising the timing of your trades.

With Trading Central, AvaTrade’s clients can enjoy access to pro-grade research and real-time, up-to-the-minute fundamental and technical analysis, including technical levels, targets and time-frames, on all assets throughout the trading day.

Trade with Tutorials: Learn Your Way Through the Markets

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced trader, it’s never a bad time to boost your trading knowledge. AvaTrade proudly offers its clients a wide range of complimentary industry-benchmark tutorials and how-to videos focused on getting you in top shape for trading.

From beginner videos to trading safely lessons to platform guides, advanced strategy tutorials and much more, with AvaTrade, you’ll always be one tutorial away from better and smarter trading.