December 30, 2019

AvaTradeGO & Manchester City : The Future of Trading

AvaTradeGO & Manchester City : The Future of Trading

See what happened when two forces at the top of their game teamed up at the Etihad Campus for an afternoon of football and trading. Hint: another winning AvaTrade campaign.

Last May, AvaTrade, the award-winning online CFD broker and proud global partner of Manchester City, teamed up with the premier league 2018/19 champions for a sporty afternoon of fun, football and trading to promote AvaTradeGO, AvaTrade’s innovative trading app for today’s visionary trader.

The shooting took place at the Etihad Campus prior to the launch of Man City’s new Puma kit, requiring everything to be kept secret until the official launch in July.

Generally used for Futsac, a mix between football, volleyball and tennis, and built at the request of Man City’s manager Pep Guardiola, the crew started with filming the players at the campus’ paddle tennis court.

John Stones was the first player to make his way onto court, and as always was in high spirits.  Ilkay Gündoğan was next, followed by Riyad Mahrez. The shooting time with every player was extremely short. All Man City stars acted very professionally, putting on a championship performance for the crew and cameras.

AvaTradeGO & Manchester City Present: The Future of Trading

See what happened when two forces at the top of their game teamed up at the Etihad Campus for an afternoon of football & trading.

100K views in under two weeks: AvaTrade’s new winning campaign.

The crowd shots were filmed on-site at Academy Stadium. Surprisingly, only one main actor and four supporting extras were needed to create the effect of a jam-packed Etihad Stadium.

Damian Willoughby, Senior Vice President of Partnerships at City Football Group expressed his excitement: “We have been impressed with AvaTrade’s commitment to innovation and leading the way in its industry – values that we share as Manchester City”. Mr Willoughby also affirmed the ongoing strengthening and broadening of cooperation between the two forces by adding “We are excited to continue our relationship with AvaTrade and help engage with more City fans across the globe”.

Mr Dáire Ferguson, CEO of AvaTrade stated: “AvaTrade is proud to partner with the prestigious Manchester City”, before concluding “Our shared values of integrity, innovation and passion for success are what bind us together”.

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