June 28, 2020

ManCity & AvaProtect

ManCity & AvaProtect

At AvaTrade, our client’s safety is our no.1 priority. That’s why we designed AvaProtectTM, an extra layer of defence exclusive to our AvaTradeGO and WebTrader users. This powerful risk management tool gives you cash back on unsuccessful trades during the protected period, directly into your AvaTrade account.

With AvaProtect, safeguarding your trades has never been easier. With one click, you can protect any new FX, gold, or silver positions and select a coverage time frame ranging from 1 hour and up to 2 days.

Like our global partners, Manchester City, we understand the importance of a great defence. Watch our latest video showcasing Manchester City as they execute some of the best saves of the season.

AvaProtect essentially functions like a goalkeeper. When losing positions threaten your goals, AvaProtect steps in to give you money back for any losses during the protected period. You have full control: Choose which trades to shield and decide how long AvaProtect stays on the field.

Take it from Manchester City: Winning starts with great defence.

You can activate AvaProtect at the same time that you open a new trade. Just click on the desired protection time. We offer protection for 1, 3, 6, or 12 hours terms. You can also choose 1- or 2-day coverage.

Unlike a standard position, where your investment could completely disappear if the market turns against you, protected trades are 100% safe from any adverse movement during the covered period.

You can trade with confidence knowing you are protected no matter what direction the market takes. If the AvaProtect term ends and you have an open position that is losing, AvaTrade will reimburse the loss directly into your trading account in the form of liquid cash with no withdrawal restrictions. The only cost to you is the small AvaProtect fee.

But don’t stop at playing defence. Just like in football, you need to be a part of the right team to give your best performance. When we take a deep look at Manchester City, we find that they do so well not just because they have the best players on both offence and defence, but also because they are backed by world-class coaches and support staff. Here at AvaTrade, we believe in the same level of excellence at every spot on our trading team.

We know that knowledgeable investors are more likely to make the best decisions in the heat of the game. So, we’re providing educational materials like eBooks, videos, and tutorials to help you train for the big league.

Need help coming up with the right strategy? Have a one on one conversation with one of our dedicated account managers, or catch a webinar hosted by our Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam. Plus, our customer support is here to answer any question you may have, in your language, via email, phone, or social media.

Now is a great time to try out AvaProtect, and know that no matter what, your investment is in good hands. Remember, this revolutionary risk management tool is available only on AvaTrade platforms. So, come trade with the winning team.