June 13, 2019

Up Close & Personal – Manchester City’s Blue Carpet

Up Close & Personal – Manchester City’s Blue Carpet

From time to time, we like to treat our traders to a unique experience. Watching a spectacular game at the world-famous Etihad Stadium, as our partners, Manchester City, do what they do best, is an excellent example.

Gavin von Holdt, an AvaTrader for the past 14 months, is one of the lucky traders who got an opportunity to make this VIP football journey to the United Kingdom all the way from South Africa.

Von Holdt went through a trading journey filled with hard work and dedication, and it has made him the trader he is today. Along with his account manager, Vlad, he’s built his trades from the ground up.

“I started with a small account to test the waters, and it‘s grown substantially since. Before, I had 10 years of trading experience with high-name brokers, but AvaTrade was able to offer the trading opportunity I was looking for. That’s why my account has grown.” Says Von Holdt.

“The most important thing is finding an account manager who can help you better understand the trading platform and risk management tools. And Vlad has been brilliant! It’s all about diligence and rolling out your strategy”.

It’s inspiring to meet traders like Von Holdt – he represents a trader who has accomplished his goals… not overnight but over time, slow and steady; and he maintains his edge to this day. In return, Vlad decided to reward him with these exclusive tickets to see one of his favourite teams.

Von Holdt flew out to see one of the most action-packed events of the season, ManCity’s spectacular game against Chelsea. It was his first ever live ManCity match, which made the experience even more special. “I seized the opportunity, an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life”.

The Blue Carpet Experience is no doubt a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the Etihad stadium, watch the game VIP style, witness the players warm-up and fine dining. It is an experience that not many gain.

Von Holdt was kind enough to share the event: “As I arrived, one of the local guys met me and took me to watch the players practice. We stood in the front row, and they started coming off the bus and giving us high-fives. Seeing them up close, you get to appreciate them and see their physiques, unlike on television where you see the players from far away.

“After that, we went to see the team warming up on the field. You look up, see the stadium and understand the astonishing size of Etihad,” he added excitedly.
“It was also interesting to see the warm-up and the coach; it makes you think of the motivation behind a match.”

“Then we got to the main course. I got to meet other AvaTrade clients and partners from all around the world, which was nice. As we took our seats, it was unbelievable: the box experience is amazing. We watched them score 6 times, and the stadium went wild with every single goal. Etihad was packed, not a spare seat in sight. Great atmosphere, straight out of a storybook.

“Thank you AvaTrade for the fascinating experience of a lifetime”.
Stay tuned for more exciting stories from AvaTraders around the globe.

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