A Flying Start To 2021

A Flying Start To 2021

As 2021 kicked off, Cryptocurrency King Bitcoin certainly made a bold statement, flexing its digital muscles above and beyond 40k USD. And as always, our Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam also flexed his muscles, analytical muscles to be exact, to bring the need to know to our Trading Community.

Bitcoin and Ethereum were on the move; Naeem dived into why that was so.

Stocks opened higher. Was there an opportunity?

Stock Futures fluctuated. What was possibly next?

The Dow Jones, was the bull run under threat?

Stock Market, US politics and the pandemic; in the mix.

What was next for the Dax? That was a burning question.

Bitcoin did indeed reach past 35k. What was the chance it would go higher?

RT America wanted Naeem’s thoughts on the first week of 2021.

Dow Jones Futures also moved higher.

And it was time to look at the Stock Market Live; The US NFP Day to be specific.

How was Gold set to behave on the NFP Day?

And the end of the week saw Bitcoin hit 40k. Was it just the start of a run upwards?

We introduced our AvaOptions WebTrader.

As always, Fundamental Analysis Live was laid on for our traders.

And a Master Class in Trading Indices.

Along with a Technical Analysis Webinar for good measure.

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