A Master Class in trading indices and much more

A Master Class in trading indices and much more

As February drew to a close in its leap year, the AvaTrade YouTube dream team took big gulps of news in from around the world. They whittled everything down with their analytical prowess to bring our viewers the most lucrative knowledge!

Indices can be extremely fruitful. Carrying lower risks with strong potential, many of our traders are making Indices an integral part of their trading strategy, and thus our Chief Market Analyst, Naeem Aslam, put on a Master Class for our viewers:

He explains exactly how to trade Indices here:

It was good news for Gold, as it hit its highest level since 2013. Naeem dug deeper into it all:

However, the Dow Jones Index dropped over 1000 points…hear what Naeem had to say about that below:

Investors also focused on Crude Inventory Data. This is why:

The Corona Virus took its toll on the US markets, and CNBC wanted to know our Chief Market Analyst’s opinion. Watch the clip below to hear his thoughts.

As always, both Troy and Naeem were on top form conducting market analysis via webinars.

Troy covers the term ‘Fill the gap’ here:

And looks at an Economic Calendar, alongside discussing the Chinese economy:

He defines the importance of support and resistance zones for major Indices:

And finally, agreements and fair deals. What does the UK want? Watch Naeem’s take on it:

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