A week of drops and dips

A week of drops and dips

When the Markets exhibit ups and downs, with a crash thrown in for good measure, you can be sure all savvy traders want to deploy all the Analysis they can to try and understand the Market. And thus, our Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam explained what was going on in the markets to our Trading Community via AvaTradeTV.

European Futures Trade Lower. Why could this have been?

What was next for the Volatility Index?

Was the increased presence of the Coronavirus impacting The Markets?

The Dow Jones suffered its biggest daily drop. What was the impact of this?

And continued its decline. Naeem probed deeper.

Bitcoin, however, was on the rise.

The ECB. Were traders set to sell the Euro?

Had the Stock Markets recovered some losses?

Naeem also questioned if the Stock Market could fall further.

A crash…but how low could it go? Naeem looked in detail.

The Dow Jones was down by over 500 points.

And Stock Futures declined.

As usual, we held Live Fundamental Analysis Webinars.

Yet more Live Fundamental Analysis.

And a Master Class on How to Trade Indices.