A Week of Movement

A Week of Movement

Understanding market move is vital in order to reach calculated trading decisions and good risk management. Our Chief Market Analyst probed, questioned and analysed the significant movements of the week as always via AvaTradeTV.

Which way was Bitcoin moving?

A heavy sell off for the Market. What was causing the movement in this direction?

The Stock Market, Live, movements of course included.

European Markets bounced back up.

GBP/USD plunged. What was possibly about to happen next?

Stocks were moving on up higher.

The Dow Jones continued plunging.

US Futures traded dramatically lower.

How low could Gold go? Naeem took a look.

Stocks to extend losses.

As always, we provided Educational Resources for our Trading Community.

Master Class in trading Stocks.

Live Technical Analysis.

More Technical Analysis.

AvaOptions. Option ‘Delta’ explained in detail.

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