Apple Set To Launch New Products Tomorrow 

Apple Set To Launch New Products Tomorrow 

Fundamentals and The Event

Apple is the stock to watch this week as traders and investors will eagerly watch the big event, which will take place on Wednesday. Apple is set to showcase its new iPhone 14. Remember, Apple’s iPhone business is maturing, and consumers aren’t rapidly changing their phones as they used to be, especially under the current climate where inflation has become a big headache for everyone. Nonetheless, iPhones are still 50% of the company’s revenue.

There is also a lot of hype about Apple’s new watch as it is increasingly taking the market share. The new watch will likely see massive upgrades in terms of technology and possibly a much more comprehensive display. Apple is consistently taking more share from its competitors regarding smartwatches.

In addition, traders will like to know what Apple has under its sleeves for the two most important markets: self-driving cars and virtual reality glasses. Facebook has taken a massive lead with its VR glasses. Still, consumers are excited about the updates they read about Apple’s VR glasses which can potentially become the next big product for Apple.

We expect the company to give highly calibrated answers to these two important questions, especially after it hired another top executive from Hyundai who was heading the company’s self-driving unit.