As the US Election Went Down to the Wire….

As the US Election Went Down to the Wire….

So did our Chief Market Analyst, Naeem Aslam, who left no stone unturned to understand the impact of the mighty US Elections for trading opportunity across the board. Here is how it all panned out during the week.

US Elections and Coronavirus in focus.

How could the US Elections impact the price of Gold?

England was back under lockdown. Naeem gave his expert analysis thoughts.

Some Stocks were recovering some losses.

Crude Oil was at a five-month low. Naeem looked at why.

Naeem gave his thoughts on the US Election Day itself.

The US Election Day and Coronavirus came into focus.

Has Asian and European shares risen ahead of the US Election?

US Elections and the Dow Jones; how were they interacting?

US Elections and the Dow Jones looked at once more, but this time with Donald Trump in the equation.

Uncertainty can mean potential opportunities. Naeem discussed his findings.

FED Meeting and BOE meeting.

How did the BOE’s policy impact the Sterling?

And Naeem looked at how the first day of UK Lockdown changed the Markets.

Joe Biden vs Trump Election, Bitcoin and Gold; an eclectic mix, perfect for analysis.

Was it possible the Bulls were back in town for Bitcoin?

We outlined the power of AvaSocial.

We also showed our traders how to use AvaOptions to trade the US Election risk.

And as usual, Live Technical Analysis.

With some extra Technical Analysis.

All wrapped up with a Master Class on how to trade the NFP.

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