Episode 1: International Lockdowns and Their Impact on the Markets

Episode 1: International Lockdowns and Their Impact on the Markets

“There is Always a Bull Market Somewhere”

Be sure to listen to Episode 1 of the AvaTrade podcast where Naeem Aslam, AvaTrade’s Chief Market Analyst will look at the key news events that are impacting the financial markets. 

In this episode, we will look at the effect the latest international lockdown measures are having on the economy and the markets. Naeem is joined by AvaTrade dealer, Declan McLaughlin.

With coronavirus cases going through the roof in both Europe and the US, governments have been triggering restrictive measures in order to try to avoid the full national lockdown, which can be really harmful for the various nations.  Although many countries are even now in lockdown.

Lockdowns have increased the interest in trading generally and more specifically in US stocks. With the markets causing wild volatility, this can be seen as a good thing for traders who can go long or short with CFDs. With a huge variety of over 1,250 assets at AvaTrade, there is always something to trade.

Emerging markets can be seen as vulnerable due to lockdown restrictions. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean not to trade these areas. There is always a bull market somewhere.

Factor in your risk reward ratios and then make your decisions. Play the sectors, which are thriving, e.g. Work from home stocks, and entertainment stocks, cloud opportunities, which still can move higher due to the change of behaviour, which has been accelerated due to COVID-19. Look at the areas where the momentum is continuing to flow.

The podcast also explores the viability of investing in travel and leisure stocks too. Be sure not to miss out on this valuable insight! Click here