Episode 2: Results of US Presidential Elections and the Changes We Can See in The Markets

Episode 2: Results of US Presidential Elections and the Changes We Can See in The Markets

“His denial was not unexpected, just ask Hillary Clinton”

 Be sure to listen to Episode 2 of the AvaTrade podcast where Naeem Aslam, AvaTrade’s Chief Market Analyst will look at the key news events that are impacting the financial markets. 

In this episode, we will look at how the results of the US presidential elections are impacting the financial markets.

Following the much talked about elections, the current landscape sees President-elect Joe Biden on the one hand who has allegedly won the most votes, and Donald Trump on the other hand not conceding his own failure following the election.

This uncertainty can increase anxiety among investors and traders, as they certainly don’t like to see civil unrest. They do not want a delay the inauguration, and they do want a smooth transition of power. This matter is very much in investors’ eye lines.

In the face of this, Biden has stayed calm, which has perhaps, in turn, helped the markets stay calm. In fact, the market doesn’t seem all that concerned with the discrepancy.

Stock markets are positive and have exploded. We also saw a weakness in the USD. The stock market suggests less fear in spite of the denial of the president.

The price of gold has dropped, and risk has come out of the market. Volatility has dropped following the election but is still higher than we usually expect.

There have been two major themes recently in the news. One was the election, which is now in our rear-view mirror, while the senate is still unresolved. The other theme is the vaccine.

After some really encouraging results, this takes a huge pressure out of the market. Two factors that have reduced fear and risk in the market.

In terms of the election, there’s only one question that remains, and that is how big is the next stimulus package going to be and when will it arrive? Be sure not to miss out on the valuable insight of this podcast. Listen now.