Episode 4 – 2021 Continues Where 2020 Left Off

Episode 4 – 2021 Continues Where 2020 Left Off

On our regular podcast, Naeem Aslam, our Chief Market Analyst, dissects key political and economic events and the potential effects these could have on financial markets and trading.

In this episode of the podcast, we look at what we can expect from the markets in 2021, and what events look set to define the year.

We start by exploring the current political landscape across the UK, Europe and the US and the state of the global markets with a variety of situations playing out simultaneously.

These include COVID-19, which is impacting the global growth, and recovery in 2021. We then have a rise in civil unrest and division across the US following Trump’s fall from grace, and then we have the vaccination rollouts, and finally Brexit.

It is still early to judge the ramifications of Brexit as there is no travel to speak of, and the corridors are closed; however, we know that many bankers have left the UK in droves and the impact of Brexit is yet to be understood and felt.

Meanwhile the markets are addicted to fiscal stimulus and even the tone of the lawmakers when discussing monetary policy has the power to pump up the markets. This has been keeping some hopes of investors alive.

It seems clear then that 2021 has picked up exactly where 2020 left off with an extended period of market uncertainty.  Listen to the podcast now to learn what is moving the markets in 2021.