Episode 5 – The Big Short Squeeze

Episode 5 – The Big Short Squeeze

GameStop’s share rollercoaster signals the rise of retail investor influence

The latest instalment of our regular podcast sees our Chief Market Analyst, Naeem Aslam, joined by Steven Reiter, the man behind the AvaOptions platform, to discuss the incredible rise and fall of GameStop’s share price.

Shorted by many hedge funds on account of its struggling storefront business model, GameStop suddenly found itself in the middle of a remarkable market coup, as concerted action from a band of retail investors pushed the price to stratospheric levels before it inevitably came crashing down again. But how did it happen? How did it happen so quickly? And how will the markets respond going forward?

To some, it’s an inspirational story; to other’s a cautionary tale. Either way, take the time to understand the drivers at play in this podcast.

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