Bearish Bets and the ECB meeting

Bearish Bets and the ECB meeting

As is the status quo at AvaTrade, we’ve been engaging with our trading community via AvaTradeTV, our very own YouTube channel, dedicated to you.

The wonderful world of trading vocabulary has some gems, and ‘bearish bets’ is right up there as one of them. So, let’s kick things off there.

Bearish Bets Surged on the S&P500. What’s in the pipeline next?

US Futures traded higher despite riots.

Stocks held their ground too, despite ongoing civil protests.

Crude Oil rose above the $34 mark. What could oil traders take away? Technical Analysis revealed all.

ECB Day had arrived. How was the EURO expected to react?

Were the Stock Markets cautious ahead of the ECB meeting?

The US NFP Day arrived, and Gold’s reaction was under the spotlight.

After the US NFP Data, the Stock Markets lifted.

The Master Class this week covered How to Trade the US NFP.

Troy gave our Trading Community its regular dose of Technical Analysis.

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