Bitcoin and Ripple in the Mix

Bitcoin and Ripple in the Mix

Cryptocurrencies are settling in as part of the furniture of the trading world, and thus our Chief Market Analyst took an in-depth look at Bitcoin and Ripple, alongside the long-standing players that are The Dow Jones, S&P500 and Gold; to name a few.

The week began by casting analysis over what might be ahead for USD/GBP pair.

And then Naeem gathered The Dow Jones, S&P500 and Cryptocurrencies to analyse them together.

The Dow Jones, Ripple and Bitcoin were up after.

The Dow Jones, Bitcoin and Ripple’s XRP was next.

Continuing the Crypto theme, Ripple’s XRP and Ethereum.

The Dow Jones was at a record high. Naeem delved deeper.

Gold. A firm player, but what was next for the price?

Bitcoin featured once again in a little Cryptomania analysis stint.

Stock Futures paused their rally. What did it mean?

And TRT World wanted Naeem’s thoughts and gave him a warm welcome to share them.

Sterling came into focus at the end of the week.

And as a finale for the week…Bitcoin. Was there a major opportunity?

As always, AvaTradeTV shared useful know-how.

We covered How to trade with WebTrader.

Demonstrated Live Fundamental Analysis.

And extra Live Fundamental Analysis for good measure.

We ran an AvaOptions Webinar ‘How to Master Your Risk‘.

All polished off with a Master Class in Trading Stocks.

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