Bitcoin, Gold and Crude Oil in the Limelight

Bitcoin, Gold and Crude Oil in the Limelight

In the same week that saw Bitcoin put through its paces by Naeem, the Euro Stoxx 600 reached new heights, and the People’s Bank of China acted for the people and Gold topped 1600 too.

Leaving no analytical stone unturned, our Chief Market Analyst Naeem delivered daily need-to-know analysis in an easy to digest manner.

Can the Bitcoin price break above 11k?

Has the Euro Stoxx 600 reached an all-time high and retracement is inevitable? Naeem uses his analytical might to tackle the core of the question:

The People’s Bank of China created comfort, confidence and recovery with their actions:

Naeem states Gold topped 1600 and explains why the charts are looking rather exciting:

The Dollar – a massive sell off, buy signal to come? Naeem walks you through the charts you need to know here:

Wild card or overreaction? Naeem looks at why the European markets traded lower:

Along with his daily analysis videos devoted exclusively to our viewers, Naeem is also sharing his experience and knowledge in the form of webinars.

Enjoy a Master Class from Naeem on how to trade the FOMC Minutes:

And then learn how to trade Crude Oil Inventory Data with Naeem once more:

Trading indices carries less risk and is the next big thing. We explain more in this video:

Ever wondered what Financial Markets are exactly? Have a little watch of this:

As always, our senior account manager Troy hosted his regular webinars.

Troy explains the news from China about the Coronavirus:

And Troy showed us how to understand if the Coronavirus is affecting Apple:

The analytical wheel is already turning this week, and the cameras are fired up bringing you more know-how on a daily basis.

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