BOE’s Decision, Jobless Claims and DJIA

BOE’s Decision, Jobless Claims and DJIA

By the end of the trading week, the UK Jobless Claims data was released, the Dow Jones plunged over 800 points, and the BOE’s decision was looming.

With so many market events taking place alongside the trio just mentioned, there was one way to understand it all with a reasonable degree of certainty: unleash expert analysis upon the week.

Our Chief Market Analyst did just that, delivering his findings as food for thought to our trading community.

Was a big sell-off here yet again?

The Dow Jones was down over 800 points. The theme continued, and Naeem took as to why this may be.

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UK Jobless Claims data and the Pound (GBP) up close.

Was the Stock Market rally ready to start roaring?

And what lays ahead for Gold?

Equity Markets were building up steam.

How will the FTSE react after the BOE’s decision?

The BOE’s decision, and a look ahead at the US Jobless Claims.

After taking all the week’s rallies into account, a weekly roundup using Technical Analysis was the order of the day.

We explore how long the Stock Market rally may last.

Sticking with the theme of crucial Technical Analysis, Senior Account Manager Troy hosted two webinars for our trading community.

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