Brexit talks loomed. What does it mean?

Brexit talks loomed. What does it mean?

The familiar topic of Brexit cropped up in trading circles once again as the UK opened talks with mainland Europe.

Throw Coronavirus into the mix, and there is no doubt that volatility could well be on the cards. Volatility can mean opportunity generally. And our Chief Market Analyst looked at where it could lie.

US Futures trade lower. What were the possible trading opportunities?

A new iPhone from the almighty Apple. What could happen in the Markets?

US Bank earnings alongside a Stock Market rally. Naeem looked closer.

What was next for the EUR/USD pair?

Stock Futures traded lower.

The Fear of Coronavirus.

But what was next for Gold trading?

Stock Futures traded lower. Was it fear?

European markets moved higher.

Brexit and Sterling…was there a rocky road ahead? Did it mean opportunity?

And as always Educational Resources were shared amongst our Trading Community.

A Master Class on trading Indices.

And the first of a series outlining how to get the best out of our WebTrader platform. See tutorial 1 of 4 here.

AvaOptions. A ‘straddle’ explained.

And of course, Fundamental Analysis of Live Market Action as always.

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