Christmas 50% Spread Reduction Campaign

Christmas 50% Spread Reduction Campaign

This year Christmas came early: 50% Spread Reduction with AvaTrade’s ‘12 Stocks of Christmas’ Celebration!

Planning on some exciting pre-holiday trading? Then prepare to be amazed by AvaTrade’s festive 12 days of Christmas celebration!

Starting December 9th -24th, 2020, you will get a 50% spread reduction on some of the hottest stocks on the market. Each day – a different stock!

Simply open a trade on the selected stock on the date’s outlined below and enjoy a MEGA 50% SPREAD REDUCTION!

09.12.2020 Wednesday #PFIZER
10.12.2020 Thursday #COCA-COLA
11.12.2020 Friday #JNJ
14.12.2020 Monday #MICROSOFT
15.12.2020 Tuesday #DISNEY
16.12.2020 Wednesday #SNAPCHAT
17.12.2020 Thursday #AMAZON
18.12.2020 Friday #FACEBOOK
21.12.2020 Monday #GOOGLE
22.12.2020 Tuesday #NETFLIX
23.12.2020 Wednesday #APPLE
24.12.2020 Thursday #WAL_MART

 As we all know, Christmas is considered one of the busiest, most exciting times of the year. As a part of the festive frenzy, shoppers storm the stores, buying gifts for their loved ones.

This year, we can see all of this happening – but online. The market anticipates this holiday season to be extra busy as everyone is at home, there is no need to wait in line, which makes online shopping easier, faster, and more accessible for everyone.

All the signs are pointing to strong pre and post-holiday revenues for companies we all know and love like Disney, Amazon and Apple, and some less Christmassy companies such as Pfizer with their vaccine news and Johnson & Johnson with their vast hygiene products line.

Join the celebration and trade these hot stocks with a 50% spread reduction! 

We wish you merry trading and a happy new year!

The AvaTrade Team