Was Crude Oil lubricating market movement?

Was Crude Oil lubricating market movement?

As March morphed into April, there were yet more pockets of trading opportunity thanks to the ever-present volatility.

In order to enable our traders to arrive at informed decisions and capitalise on lucrative opportunities, a plethora of analysis was undertaken by our Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam and Webinar Master Troy.

All of which was delivered to our trading community in an upbeat, easy to understand manner via our YouTube channel.

Crude hit a 17-year low. What did such a significant event mean for trading? Naeem elaborated.

With Oil dropping, Equity Markets pushed on upwards. Naeem probed what it all meant.

But Oil did bounce back. Naeem discussed the support zone.

Gold needed to stay above $1,600 in Naeem’s expert opinion. Here was why:

Markets were not impressed at all by China’s efforts to stimulate them. Naeem shared his thoughts.

The Fed took some further action. This is what it meant for the markets:

The famous currency pair of GBPUSD. Levels of support and resistance were scrutinised by Naeem.

The US Markets were placed under Naeem’s analytical microscope further:

Sticking with the US, how did Trump affect Oil with his meeting?

With the first quarter out of the way, how could traders position themselves well for the next quarter?

CNBC wanted Naeem’s expert opinion on this.

The US NFP. Special Technical Analysis, in depth:

OPEC meeting was confirmed. Naeem shared his views on Crude and Brent.

The Coronavirus continued its stronghold on the world

Infection spiralled upwards in the US; did the markets spiral downward?


Traders were watching the infection rate in the US closely. Here’s why:


Italy. Was there progress with glimmers of hope?


And did it mean the worst was behind us? It was time for some Fundamental Analysis to tackle this one.


If the worst was behind was, was there positivity?


Troy discussed big swings in either direction for Indices.

He also undertook Fundamental Analysis: regular economic events vs extraordinary economic events.

Finally, Indices like the Dow Jones and FTSE 100 can be savvy opportunities as they can offer less risk and more opportunity, and a huge proportion of our traders trade indices already. Learn all about Indices here:

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