Crude Oil Slipped to Historical Lows

Crude Oil Slipped to Historical Lows

Another week of volatility was firmly in the analytical clutches of our Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam to break down and deliver the need to know for our trading community.

Crude Oil. Had it become the biggest casualty of the Coronavirus? Naeem talked about it here.

Netflix stock, however, was a gainer in current times. Naeem looked into why so.

What was on the cards for the FTSE 100? Naeem cast his analytical eye over it.

And what lay ahead for the S&P500 Index?

Sticking with Indices, a Master Class was delivered, showing our trading community exactly how to trade Indices:

Was there a disconnect in the Equity Markets?

Did the disconnect also exist among Energy Prices and Equity Markets?

The US also approved another $500 Billion Budget. What was next?

US Futures traded higher. Naeem took a closer look.

The EURO. What was coming next for it?

Numbers from the Eurozone were weak as expected. What did it mean for the markets?

Had the European Markets lost their rhythm?

And what did the immediate future of the DAX look like?

Coronavirus and Lockdown. Was it making traders focus on exit strategies?


UK Retail Sales Data in the midst of Corona Virus were looked at too.


As always, true to form, Troy undertook Technical Analysis, Live, via his usual webinars.

The NASDAQ is one of the most famous stock indexes. We explained all about it, here:

And finally, our Live Q &A session delivered instant answers to burning questions from our traders; see the re-run here, and join us next time to ask your very own questions: