Cryptocurrency to Oil and the DAX – all in one week

Cryptocurrency to Oil and the DAX – all in one week

Each week AvaTrade’s Trading Community enjoys expert analysis and insight from Naeem Aslam; AvaTrade’s Chief Market Analyst. This week, not only did our traders enjoy a Live Q&A session with him, and the regular Master Class, but we also covered an in depth explanation on how to manage risk when trading Cryptocurrency.

So, how do you manage risk in Cryptocurrency? We reveal all here.

Oil was under the magnifying glass to spot possible price trends.

A major disconnect. What did it mean?

Was the Eurozone now back into expansion territory?

A Massive Shift in Equity Sentiment, explained.

But what happens when sentiment changes direction?

What was likely to lie ahead for the DAX?

New day, same thought; what lies ahead for the DAX?

What is the Russell 2000? We explain all.

The China A50, also explained.

European and US Markets were disconnected. Fundamental Analysis explained further.

And you can watch the Live Q&A with AvaTrade’s Chief Market Analyst here, and be sure to take part, live, next time.

The Master Class of the week covered How to Trade Indices

And Troy delivered yet more Live Fundamental Analysis

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