Europe and the US under the spotlight

Europe and the US under the spotlight

The European and US stock rallies came screeching to a halt, and the Dow Jones Futures plummeted.

Our Chief Market Analyst applied his razor-sharp analytical skills to investigate, bringing the “need to know” news to our trading community via AvaTradeTV.

European and US Stocks have indeed paused their rally. What do traders need to know?

Likewise, the Dow Jones Futures dropped 300 points. What does this decline point to?

Sticking to the theme of entwined European and US economies, let’s take a look at the EURUSD pair. Did we see a double top?

What was potentially in the cards for London’s famous FTSE 100 Index?

Crude Oil is on the radar for many investors. Find out the one question that these oil traders have on their minds.

This rally pause had a Fed meeting cause. Why did the bulls come out ahead of the Fed announcement?

The Dow Jones drop continued and Naeem was quick to sift through all the clues and find out why.

The Dow Jones itself came under Naeem’s watchful eye for analysis, especially as it plunged over 1800 points.

And finally, why was US Stock Rally struggling in stormy waters now?

We provide the gems of the week’s market news as part of our ongoing commitment to provide our trading community with educational materials, awareness and insightful knowledge.

What is the FTSE?

What is the DAX?

What is the CAC40?

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