Fluctuations as a Trading Opportunity

Fluctuations as a Trading Opportunity

Everybody loves a good opportunity, and what better opportunity for a trader than markets fluctuations?

With Bitcoin hopping between 30k and 40k USD, Crude Oil facing a potential correction, and European Stocks rising in the mix, indeed, there was a lot to analyse, so our Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam did exactly that for our Trading Community.

He contemplated whether Bitcoin could see a bigger sell-off. That was the thought at the start of the week.

Next, he probed if there was a correction for Crude Oil on the cards.

Stock Futures Traded Higher. What did it mean?

Bitcoin and Ethereum were looked at closely for good measure.

European Stocks Bounced back, once again Naeem looked at what we could learn from it.

And Live ECB Stimulus discussion took place with Naeem.

The ECB Day itself had arrived.

Back to Bitcoin. Was there a lucrative opportunity on the cards as it eventually dipped?

Stocks moved lower, but Bitcoin had settled a bit. Naeem undertook Fundamental Analysis.

The usual Fundamental Analysis for our Trading Community took place Live.

With more Live Fundamental Analysis later in the week.

And of course, all polished off with the regular Master Class; more on how to trade Indices.

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