From Volatility to Opportunity

From Volatility to Opportunity

Trading opportunity to be exact. And to be able to capitalise on any such opportunity safely, traders need to be armed with the very best analysis under their belt; and as we do each week, our Chief Market Analyst went over all the important events traders have to know about.

We also revealed how the Trading Central integration within our WebTrader platform takes Market Analysis to a whole new level.

The US NFP came under the radar first.

Gas and Oil moved higher, but what did it mean?

Stock Futures traded lower.

Brexit and Sterling were brought into focus.

Bitcoin – Naeem wanted to know when it could hit 20k.

Dow Futures were down by 100 points. Why was that?

The Dow Jones reached a new high.

The Dow Jones Futures also traded higher.

ECB Decision and Unemployment Claims under the analytical microscope.

The ECB, Euro and The Dax.

The Dow Jones proceeded to trade flat. Naeem probed why.

Naeem then contemplated whether the S&P 500 was losing its momentum.

As we highlighted earlier, WebTrader features the super savvy Trading Central integration; and we show our traders how to get the most out of it right here.

A Master Class in Trading Stocks featured as always.

And of course, Fundamental Analysis, Live.

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