July 7, 2020

Gold shone and the US posted great results

Gold shone and the US posted great results

Gold remained part of the furniture in the trading world, and all great analysts love to look at the price of Gold itself in closer detail. AvaTrade’s Chief Market Analyst is indeed an excellent one, as he examined the happenings of the week and shared the significant and thought provoking ones with our trading community.

What was on the cards for Gold prices?

What caused the Stock Market to open with a wobble?

The UK’s GDP contracted. But what did it mean?

US Stocks were set to post their best quarterly performance.

Those Quarterly results made the headlines. Here is why.

The cards panned out for Gold; it crossed $1800. What was potentially next?

The US NFP Data was ahead.

And the Master Class of the week covered trading The US NFP itself.

What was ahead for the DAX index? Naeem unleashed Technical Analysis to see.

And the European Markets were set to end the week with gains under its belt.

We also covered AvaOptions in an in-depth Webinar. See why you should indeed trade with AvaOptions.

A Technical Analysis double helping from Troy, our Senior Account Manager is a regular feature each week.

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