Gold up, Crude Oil dives, Trump opened the economy

Gold up, Crude Oil dives, Trump opened the economy

Coronavirus induced market fluctuations continued to create plenty of opportunities for traders. To unearth the lucrative and cast away the insignificant for our trading community, our Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam deployed the power of Technical, Fundamental and Sentimental Analysis.

The mighty trio of analysis left no analytical stone unturned with Naeem at the helm.

Gold. Was it set to cross $1700? Naeem dug deeper into the Goldmine of analysis.

Gold did indeed break beyond. Naeem analysed it all.

And that begged the question; how high could Gold go?

Chinese Data uplifted the markets. Naeem told us more.

Crude Oil took a dive. Naeem discussed the significance.

Germany extended its lockdown. What were the potential impacts on the financial markets?

In fact, Global Lockdown continued. Naeem carried out some Fundamental Analysis.

When there were signs of lockdown easing, Naeem was quick to focus on investors thoughts.

Dow futures were up over 800 points. Naeem took a look at what that meant.

Crude Oil took a dive. The support and price action were looked at.

We encourage our traders to trade with confidence. Manchester City, whom we proudly sponsor, are training with confidence.

Take a look at them in action.

As usual, a Master Class Webinar on how to trade Indices was delivered. Measuring Indices and Sectors were just one of the topics covered for our trading community.

Coronavirus was still playing with the markets. Gold yet again was shining. It surged, and Naeem looked at why.


Equity Markets were evaluated too; namely, to see what their future path may be looking like.


And how did Trump’s announcement to partially open the US economy impact the markets?


Webinar Master Troy, a Senior Account Manager at AvaTrade, focused on Fundamental Analysis for our traders.

Troy’s second session, unleashed Fundamental Analysis once more, this time discussing the news, as well as covering how to prepare for the unknown.

The analytical gloves are already off this week, and the markets are being scrutinised for answers by Naeem and Troy. We invited you to join our trading community, subscribe here