Golden Bulls

Golden Bulls

Gold was firmly under the radar of our Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam last week, as Gold trading is a universally firm favourite with our global trading community. The AvaTrade community gathered via YouTube to keep up all the need to know insight below.

Which way was Gold moving? Vital question.

Did the Gold price, in fact, look bullish?

The S&P resumed the upwards movement.

The Nasdaq Index was giving strong signals.

But US Stocks lost their upward gains.

Crude Oil jumped higher.

It was the day of the FOMC meeting.

Stock Market crashes. Can you trade the opportunities?

It was the BOE‘s turn to be analysed by Naeem.

And finally, would the Stock Market benefit from a new catalyst?

As usual, we carried out Fundamental Analysis Live.

We ran an AvaOptions Webinar.

And delivered a Master Class on Trading Indices.

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