July 20, 2020

Hard acceleration from Tesla; not on road, but in the Market

Hard acceleration from Tesla; not on road, but in the Market

Tesla stocked surged, Netflix announced their disappointing earnings, and there was a feeling a COVID-19 vaccine might be on the cards.

These were just the tip of the analytical feast in terms of significant points to mull over as a trader. And as always, AvaTradeTV sifted through all the events of the week to bring our Trading Community all the important information.

First, Tesla stock had surged over 323% over the last year. Our Chief Market Analyst, Naeem Aslam, took a closer look.

He then turned his attention to what might be in store for the US Indices trading.

And questioned whether the Bulls were back in town.

Geopolitical tensions had escalated; what did it mean for traders?

Goldman Sachs reported their earnings and Naeem applied Technical Analysis to decipher it all.

Netflix earnings were not as expected. Was the stock itself set to plummet?

Stock Markets marched onwards as the hope of a vaccine seemed plausible.

The ECB day had arrived.

The ECB, along with Earnings and Economic Data, was then looked at.

The US Stock Market was set to record positive movements for the week.

And our Chief Market Analyst was interviewed by CNBC Arabia.

The Master Class of the week explained exactly how to trade Indices.

Trading on the move with AvaTradeGO is very popular for our rather dynamic Trading Community.

We explain how you too can start.

And we show you how to become a Trader in 3 simple steps.

Live Technical Analysis with Troy is always a key part of the week.

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