July 13, 2020

High performance from Tesla in the Market

High performance from Tesla in the Market

Tesla is the pioneer that well and truly kick started the Electric Vehicle world, adding flare, style, usability and desirability to the mix. And when Tesla’s stock prices shot up by over 40% in just five days, every trader would naturally want to know why. That is why our Chief Market Analyst delved into Tesla’s electrifying performance within the Market to understand more.

But first, who and what is Tesla? Take an intimate look with our quick tutorial.

Back to the point in hand, the price of Tesla shot up 43% in five days. Why was this the case?

From Voltage to Crude Oil. What was ahead for the price of Crude itself?

Stocks paused their rally. Naeem probed why.

And Sterling’s future was put under the spotlight.

Stocks struggled to push on up. Naeem looked at why so.

The DAX Index. Was it possible to see what way it may go?

Were traders confused ahead of the US jobless claims?

And how did the Dow Jones Index lose its momentum?

Finally, were Stock Market rallies actually in trouble?

The usual Master Class covered How to trade stocks.

And Fundamental Analysis with Troy as always.

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