Highs and Lows, Opportunity Loomed

Highs and Lows, Opportunity Loomed

When there are ups and downs, traders unleash the analytical side to try and capture the opportunities in the Markets. Our Chief Market Analyst looked at the Markets and their movements and shared his expert opinion on what could be on the cards for traders.

He began by taking a look at which way the US Markets could move.

The US Markets moved higher in fact.

Why was the Stock Market moving higher on that particular day?

What was next for The Dax?

An update on The Dow Futures advancing.

Why did Stock Futures move lower?

Dow Futures traded lower. What was the reason?

Were the Nasdaq and S&P 500 under selling pressure?

S&P 500 Futures trade lower.

Which Stocks were potentially moving up or down? Naeem took a look.

Stocks were set to move higher. Why?

The Dow Jones traded on a monthly high.

Was Bitcoin about to see a brisk upward turn?

Stocks moved higher, and Naeem searched for why that could have happened.

And CNBC Arabia wanted Naeem to share his thoughts too.

Master Class in Trading Stocks from Naeem.

Live Technical Analysis.

And another session of Live Technical Analysis.

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