How do you spot when to buy, and when to sell?

How do you spot when to buy, and when to sell?

It is quite possibly the number one question on the tip of every budding trader’s tongue and deeply ingrained into the brain circuitry of established traders; how do you spot the buy and sell opportunities?

AvaTrade’s Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam told us how in a special session focusing on the impact of the Coronavirus on indices:

In the very same week Naeem zoomed in on the reaction of the FTSE 100 index:

He also answered the quandary of whether to buy or sell Equity Markets:

BOJ vowed to provide more liquidity. Here is what that meant:

Fed Rate cut pushed European Markets up:

The Bank of Canada’s Monetary Policy Decision; movement for the CAD Dollar pair?

Trading terminology can be wonderfully entertaining, and last week the epitome of a superb trading phrase was used by Naeem to explain why markets were up. He called it a ‘dead cat bounce.’

The US NFP and Gold Price; investors are hedging their bets and buying Gold; but what are the important price levels?

And Sky News Arabia invited Naeem to elaborate on the said ‘dead cat bounce’ that took place:

As always, learning and spreading the good word of knowledge was a feature on our YouTube channel.

Do you believe there is more market fear to come? If so, what does that look like? What does a mix of negative and positive news mean? Our senior account manager Troy answers all in this webinar:

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