How much did Tesla and Google earn?

How much did Tesla and Google earn?

It was a week of announcements, from Tesla and Google sharing their earnings stats through to Lockdown measures changing. Announcements can bring movement in the Markets, and thus our Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam put the events of the week through their paces analytically to break down the need to know information for our trading community.

The powerhouse that is Google announced its earnings. Naeem took a closer look.

Were traders ready for Tesla’s earnings? Naeem discussed.

The USDJPY pair. What was in store for them?

Boris Johnson announced that Lockdown measures were here to stay. What did it mean?

Was help on a big scale on the way?

Oil was still being sold off. What did that mean?

Was optimism growing as Lockdown measures were slowly let up?

When the Markets move, Naeem always wants to know why.

The ECB Meeting. Were traders ready for it?

And were their hopes pinned on it in any way?

CNBC Arabia wanted to know what Naeem thought too. See the full interview here.

As usual, a Master Class was attended online by our trading community, this time, to learn how to trade the FOMC meeting.

Coronavirus continued its presence; were hopes high for drug treatment?

And Troy, the Webinar Master delivered Fundamental Analysis of Live Market action.

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