Indices, Cryptos and good old Gold!

Indices, Cryptos and good old Gold!

The Markets are vast, and with vast Markets that are also moving, trading opportunities are almost everywhere! To provide insight, enlightenment and savvy know-how, our Chief Market Analyst scoured the week with his analytical skills to bring the need to know to our Trading Community; via AvaTradeTV.

He began with what might have been next for the Dow Jones.

Gathered the Dow Jones, Forex and Cryptos to focus on the trio.

Bitcoin was at an all-time high. Naeem looked at all the ins and outs of that.

What was next for Gold?

Back to The Dow Jones, Forex and Bitcoin.

Could Bitcoin make a big move? That was a hot topic. Naeem tackled it.

The Dow Jones once again, with the S&P500 and Nasdaq in the mix too.

The much talked of Dow Jones retreated from highs.

Naeem brought the US NFP into focus.

And polished the week off with Gold and Oil that had moved on up; what did it mean?

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As always, Education was a core part of the week. Welcome a Master Class in Bitcoin.

And the regular Fundamental Analysis.

With yet more Live Fundamental Analysis.