Oil, Gold and Bitcoin on the run up to Christmas

Oil, Gold and Bitcoin on the run up to Christmas

As the festive period approached, for traders it was a reminder that 2020 was drawing to a close. And of course, globally, 2020 has been an absolutely significant one with the impact of COVID-19 that has failed to release its grip thus far. Our Chief Market Analyst looked at the events of the week to bring our traders the need to know.

He looked at the price of Gold up close.

Analysed why Stock Futures trade lower.

Questions whether it was time to buy or sell stocks?

The stocks continued to trade lower, and Naeem dug deeper.

And back to Bitcoin. Was there a new high on the cards?

Dow Jones Future trades higher. What did it mean?

Oil prices were also on the up. What was next?

Bloomberg Bulgaria wanted to know Naeem’s thoughts.

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Fundamental Analysis Live as always.

With extra Fundamental Analysis for good measure.

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