Presidential antics in the US & Bitcoin The Bull

Presidential antics in the US & Bitcoin The Bull

Any election is bound to stir up the Markets, but when you throw a renowned name like Trump in the ring, along with Biden, it was always destined to create potential trading opportunities!

And Bitcoin was fiercely charging like a bull to a red flag, but how long will this run last? Our Chief Market analyst Naeem Aslam took the week’s events apart to reveal opportunity from the nonsense for our Trading Community.

The Dow Jones was up significantly at the start of the week, and thus Naeem began.

Naeem on CNBC Africa.

Naeem on TRT World.

Dow Jones Future retreat.

Dow Jones trades lower.

Dow Jones, Biden, Trump and Coronavirus.

What was next for Bitcoin?

Were the Markets cautious about Trump?

Dow Futures had dropped. What did it mean?

Was Bitcoin a big enough Bull to hit 20k?

Stock Futures Trade Lower.

EUR/USD; was the battle on?

And the Dow lifted itself towards the end of the week. Naeem looked at why.

We demonstrated How to Trade Social, with AvaSocial.

WebTrader tutorial.

How do you choose a number one broker?

And as always, Live Fundamental Analysis.

Followed by more Live Fundamental Analysis.

Polished off with a Master Class in trading Stocks.

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