Stimulus, Coronavirus, Indices and Much More

Stimulus, Coronavirus, Indices and Much More

As always AvaTradeTV covered a vast array of topics for our Trading Community to break down the significant from the insignificant and the opportunity from the norm. AvaTrade’s Chief Market Analyst, Naeem Aslam, brought the following to our traders.

Coronavirus, a topic at the forefront for all. Was the situation getting worse?

US Stocks traded higher.

CNBC Africa wanted to know Naeem’s thoughts.

CNBC Arabia also wanted to hear Naeem.

A day of risk?

What was next for Oil prices?

US Futures moved lower.

European markets trade lower.

What was next for the Gold price?

Stocks traded lower.

Traders were concerned about National Lockdowns. Naeem looked at why they felt so.

Was Bitcoin on a high?

European Stocks may have been trading lower. Why?

And the Dow Jones and S&P 500 joined the downward action too.

Earnings and PMI Data, along with stimulus and more on Corona.

The Nasdaq and the S&P500 in further detail.

And of course, a Master Class on How to Trade Stocks.

With the regular Technical Analysis, Live.