July 28, 2020

Tesla and Stimulus packages made for interesting analysis

Tesla and Stimulus packages made for interesting analysis

Tesla earnings and Stimulus Packages were already hot topics for analysis, but when you throw in Bitcoin, interviews on CNBC and our regular Educational offerings in the mix, it was full steam ahead as usual at AvaTradeTV, bringing the savvy, insightful and inspiring to our Trading Community.

To begin, CNBC Arabia wanted to know AvaTrade’s Chief Market Analysts thoughts on Oil.

They subsequently invited him back with more burning questions.

And then CNBC Africa invited him to talk about the EU summit.

Tesla had indeed smashed their earnings, but what did it mean?

Stimulus support packages were looked at with Technical Analysis.

Frugal nations gave the green light for such support packages.

And that produced a question. Was it all about the stimulus?

Another question, this time asking what exactly was ahead for Bitcoin.

Alongside the above, Naeem looked at what was moving the Markets on Tuesday the 21st of July 2020.

And probed whether the DOW Jones momentum was fading.

Naeem also looked at the Jobless Claims Data that lay ahead.

The EUR-USD pair was set to tear resistance levels. Or was it?

And the Stock Markets traded lower despite expectations to not. Why was this the case?

AvaOptions is very popular amongst our Trading Community, and thus we laid on a Webinar explaining even more.

Our regular Live Q&A Session with our Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam can be watched again here, and we invite you to join the next time.

Yet more Live Action took place in the form of Fundamental Analysis, with Senior Account Manager Troy leading the session.

And of course, The Master Class of the week was delivered, showing our Trading Community how to trade Indices.

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