Tesla to join the S&P 500

Tesla to join the S&P 500

Tesla joining the S&P 500 was just one of multiple superbly interesting events in the Markets last week.

Our Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam, armed with his highly tuned analytical skills, delved deeply into the volatile undercurrents of the Markets and shared his findings with our Trading Community via AvaTradeTV, and the wider media.

First up was CNBC Arabia. Naeem shared his thoughts.

Al Jazeera followed suit and requested Naeem’s take on the standings.

A Bullish Trend was the next topic to be tackled.

The Dow Jones moved higher.

And was Tesla to join the S&P 500?

Gold ETF’s indicated investors were selling. But what was the possible reason?

Tesla, Gold, The Dow Jones and Coronavirus; brought into focus together.

Bitcoin was next to be looked at; were there super Bullish trends?

This time it was Bloomberg who invited Naeem to discuss his thoughts.

Back to The Dow Jones, with Bitcoin in the mix.

The Dow Jones traded lower, and Naeem probed the reasons why it could have been.

Stocks Futures traded lower, and Coronavirus cases surged.

What was next for Gold?

The Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Bitcoin; all under the spotlight once again.

It turned out that Bitcoin surged in value; was it the Crypto King?

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