The Nasdaq, Tesla and Facebook under the spotlight

The Nasdaq, Tesla and Facebook under the spotlight

The spotlight of analysis shone brightly upon some big names last week. From Tesla and Crude Oil to Facebook, our trading community was the first to see and hear what our Chief Market Analyst thought of significant events. 

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The spotlight of analysis lit up Tesla. A bullet proof stock? Naeem looked at moving averages to find out.

The European Markets were in the green. Naeem analysed why so.

Facebook. Face up or face down? That was the question.

The Euro and Dollar, a famous pair. What was next for them?

Bears. Not the grizzly type, but the market term itself. Were they back? Back for Oil…

Was there a crucial moment coming up for the NASDAQ? Naeem took a look with the torch of Technical Analysis.

OPEC was set to meet, and the unemployment figures in the US were about to be revealed.

Crude. Prices discussed.

Did the FED have a trick up its sleeve?

And as always, a Master Class was delivered. This time on how to trade the FOMC meeting:

Coronavirus continued.

But was its hold on the markets as strong as before?

Did investors deem Coronavirus to be under control?


Was the momentum set to continue upwards?


US Equities. Were they on the right path?


Headlines can impact the markets greatly. Naeem discussed a key headline.


The UK saw one of the worst days for Coronavirus casualties. What did it mean for the markets?


Markets also continued their rally.



And Troy’s Technical Webinar Analysis showed our traders how to find resistance levels and take advantage of them:

He also delivered another Webinar that covered Gold, ranging strategy, USD and Oil:

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