The S&P 500, Gold and The Dax

The S&P 500, Gold and The Dax

The spotlight of analysis is shone daily across the board at AvaTradeTV to highlight, uncover and unearth potential opportunities for our traders. The daily delights of last week included Indices, Gold and the FOMC Meeting, to name a few.

The DAX performance

For starters, The DAX performance was measured.

S&P 500. record high

Next was The S&P 500. Was it near its record high?

S&P did not hit the high

However, later on the S&P did not hit the high it was expected to earlier.

Gold was back above $2000

Gold was back above $2000. Naeem, our Chief Market Analyst, looked at why it was the case.

UK economic data

UK economic data and Sterling were another element we looked at closely.

Stock Futures shifted direction

Stock Futures shifted direction, and Neem instantly looked at why.

The S&P 500 came back under the radar

The S&P 500 came back under the radar; was there a Double Top?

Bitcoin price

Where was Bitcoin price wise?

Markets after the FOMC Meeting

The Markets were cautious after the FOMC Meeting. But why?

FOMC Meeting

Sticking with the FOMC Meeting, the Master Class of the week covered how to trade it.

Traders ignore the warnings…

There were warnings, but were they ignored?

Live Fundamental Market Analysis

And as always, Live Fundamental Market Analysis was delivered to our Trading Community.