The S&P500, the FTSE and Gold, analysed and explained

The S&P500, the FTSE and Gold, analysed and explained

Analysis is crucial to making informed decisions, with risk management at the forefront. And to carry out thorough and stringent analysis, no corner of the market should be left unturned.

Our Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam explored the events of the week with his analytical radar at the ready to bring our trading community all the highlights via our YouTube channel.

Markets move. And our Chief Market Analyst looked at what could have been the trigger at that particular time.

Was the future potentially bright and shiny for Gold?

And what potentially lay ahead for Exxon Mobil stock?

Were investors still in favour of riskier assets?

CNBC Arabia wanted to talk to Naeem about Market Analysis. See what he had to say here.

What was the possible reason the FTSE fell?

And why did the S&P500 experience the worst drop in nearly two weeks?

The Australian unemployment rate surged above 6%. What did it pinpoint to?

Jerome Powell didn’t look upon negative interest rates favourably. What implications could that have had?

The possible future of US Markets – Discussed.

And was it entirely possible investors were cautious of a rally?

Coronavirus was still present, but as the world eased Lockdown, what was the reaction of the Markets?

As always, learning and development within our trading community featured as a core part of the week.

The Master Class focused on trading Indices.

And AvaTrade’s accomplished Webinar Master, Troy, lead Fundamental Analysis Live for our trading community.

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