February 17, 2020

There was a Bull, a Bear, Apple and Gold…

There was a Bull, a Bear, Apple and Gold…

And all were featured on our AvaTrade YouTube channel last week as we brought more analytical delights to the masses!

Our Chief Market Analyst, Naeem Aslam, gave our traders lucrative insight to factor into their trading strategies; and Troy, a senior account manager at AvaTrade, helped our traders to get a tighter grip on analysis with his dedicated webinars.

Naeem took a big analytical bite into Apple! Rotting or ripening? That was the question.

Bull or Bear Market? Naeem explained all:

When Jerome Powell speaks, this is how you trade Gold:

The UK’s GDP data; charted and explained.

The US market hit a record high:

And the VIX index plunged over 9%!

Naeem took a look at what is driving markets lower

The European markets came under the influence of the Coronavirus. Naeem explained more:

Options Markets indicate the bottom could be in place for Equity Markets. Important information outlined by Naeem here:

And back to Gold, with Money Flow thrown in for good measure ahead of US Core retail data:

And of course, the weekly webinars, hosted by Troy, delivered yet more expert training. Engross yourself in the video gems below to enjoy one big intake of analysis knowledge in one sitting!

Cryptocurrency analysis in further detail:

Technical analysis live:

And Fundamental Analysis of live market action:

This week is business as usual; the analytical powerhouse Naeem is firing on all cylinders, and webinar stalwart Troy is gifting knowledge to all corners of the world. Both are doing so on our YouTube channel.

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